Albendazole USP 600 mg / Bolus

Business Unit: Animal Health, 

Medicine Type: Bolus

Generic Name: Albendazole USP 600 mg / Bolus

Composition: Each bolus contains albendazole USP 600 mg/bolus.

Mode Of Action: Albendazole works by causing uncoupling oxidative phosphorylation inside the worm. Fumarate reductase inhibits the enzyme thus inhibiting glucose uptake resulting in decreased ATP and worm death.

Indication: Cattle, Buffalo, Camel, Horse, Goat, Sheep, Dog & Cat : Round worm, lung worm, liver fluke, tapeworm.

Dosages & Administration: 

Cow,Buffalo & Camel: 40-80 kg-1/2 to 1 bolus, 80-160 kg-1-2 bolus, 160-240 kg-2-3 bolus;

Goat & Sheep: 15-20 kg-1/6 bolus, 30-40 kg-1/3 bolus ;

Cats & Dogs:  8-10 kg-1/4 bolus, 15-20 kg-1/2 bolus.

Precaution: Cannot be used in pregnant and lactating animals.

Supply: 4x5