Bio-plus Powder (Vet)

Bio-plus Powder (Vet)

Each 10 g contains Lactobacillus acidophilus 1.0x107 CFU, Saccharomyces cerevisiae 1.0x108 CFU, Bacillus subtilis 1.0x109 CFU, Inulin 100 mg, DL-Methionine 500 mg, L-Lysine 200 mg, Zinc Chelate 200 mg, Manganese Chelate 60 mg, Copper Chelate 50 mg, Cobalt Chelate 10 mg, Selenium Yeast 1 mg, Amylase 20 mg, Lipase 20 mg, Protease 20 mg, Cellulase 20 mg, Beta-Glucanase 20 mg & Xylanase 20 mg. 


1.Helps to increase the beneficial bacteria & reduce pathogens in the gut.

2.Helps to increase appetite, digestion & absorption.

3.Helps to increase milk production & milk quality.

4.Helps to increase body weight.

5.Helps to reduce the number of somatic cell count in milk.

6.Helps to prevent the incidence of hoof diseases.


8.Poor Milk &/or meat production 

Dosage & Administration: 

For use in animal feed

Large Animal: 1-2 sachet/animal/day for 7 days.

Small Animal: ½-1 sachet/animal/day for 7 days.

The above dosage & administration schedule should be followed in every month to ensure good health & optimum production. 

Or, as directed by the Veterinary Physician. 

Use in pregnant & lactating animals:

Bioplus Vet may be used in pregnant & lactating animals.

Withdrawal period: 

Meat & Milk- Zero (0) Day.


Store at temperature with in 30 ̊ C and protected from light and moisture. Keep all medicine out of reach of children.


Each box contains 20 x 10 gm sachets.