Chem-Cal Injection (Vet)

Chem-Cal Injection (Vet)

Composition: Each 100 ml contains- Calcium Gluconate USP 25 gm, Dextrose Monohydrate BP 5 gm, Magnesium Chloride Hexahydrate BP 3gm.

Associated Components: Boric acid BP 4.2 gm and Others.  

Mode Of Action: 

Calcium: Synthesizes bones and cartilage.
Magnesium: Increases neurochemical transmission and muscular excitability.
Chem-cal injection (Vet) which is an adequate amount of mineral-rich calcium gluconate, two nutrients dextrose monohydrate, and magnesium chloride hexahydrate, and other components for the treatment and prevention of various diseases indicated in cows, buffaloes, calves, goats, and sheep. A sterile injectable solution made from its combination


Cattle, Buffalo, Calf, Sheep & Goat:
Chem-Cal Injection (Vet) is indicated for increasing fertility rate, prevention & treatment of milk fever, grass tetany, lactation tetany, hypo-calcaemia, neonatal hypoglycemia, ketosis of ruminants, as a supportive to anthelmintic, general debility due to parasitic infestation, increasing milk production & fattening, and deficiency diseases of calcium, magnesium & glucose.

Dosages & Administration: 

Cows and buffaloes: 100-150 ml / 100 kg body weight should be applied intravenously / Subcutaneously / intra-muscularly. 

Calves, sheep, and goats: 25-50 ml. Apply intravenously / Subcutaneously / intra-muscularly.  

Precaution: Before applying intravenously, the injectable solution should be kept in a small container of lukewarm water for a short time to be adjusted to the body temperature and then applied intravenously slowly.

Side-effects: Chem-Cal injection (Vet) applied subcutaneously or muscularly may cause mild local reactions and overuse may cause hypercalcemia.

Pregnancy and lactation: No teratogenic effects were found in the approved doses.

Withdrawal Period: Meat and milk: 0Supply: 100 ml,250 ml  vial.