Each 100 gm Contains : Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) BP 100 gm.

Business Unit:  Animal Health, Poultry

Medicine Type:  Powder

Generic Name: Each 100 gm Contains : Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) BP 100 gm.

Indication: Directions: Increase immunity to Poultry, Increase body weight & egg production, improve hatching quality & increase egg fertility, To reduce the shell defects of laying hens, during various stresses such as during antibiotic uses, during vaccination, due to high temperature, during migration & to increase thr rate of metabolism in poultry use Chemo-C.

Dosage & Administration: Broiler(Starter,Grower,Finisher),Pullet, Layer And Breeder : Mix 1 gm Chemo-C 5-10 liter Water or 5kg Food & Feed it 3-4 days.

Preparation: 100gm