Eliver (vet)

Eliver (vet)

Composition: Per 100ml Contains Choline chloride= 500mg, DL-Mithionin=  55mg,L-Lysine =27.5 mg,Insitol =10 mg, Vitamin B 12=3 mcg, Biotin= 4 mcg ,  Vitamin D : 20 mcg,  Sorbitol 50 mg,Liver fraction11:100 mg,Yeast Extract 200 mg. 

Indications: Eliver (vet) is used in increasing liver activity,stress prevention, during anthelmintic use, liver pain, presence of toxin in food and during treatment.


Cattle :Each animal is given 20-40 ml once daily for 10-15 days, Extended the duration of treatment as needed.

Poultry : Usually 1 ml per liter of water.

Chicken:  5ml per liter of water. Grower:10ml per liter of water. 

Grower: 10 ml per liter of Water.

Layer/Broiler:10ml per liter of water.

Pregnancy: Safe.

Pack Size: 1000 ml.