Marbochem Bolus (Vet)

Marbochem Bolus (Vet)

Composition: Each 1 gm bolus contains Marbofloxacin USP 50 mg

Mode Of Action:

Its mechanism of action is not thoroughly understood but it is believed to be similar to the other fluoroquinolones by impairing the bacterial DNA gyrase which results in rapid bactericidal activity.


Cattle, Buffalo, Goat & Sheep: Act against gram positive and negative bacteria, Mycoplasmosis, Mastitis, Diarrhoea & Gastrointestinal Infection, Respiratory infection, Calf Scour etc.

Dosages & Administration: 

Large Animals: 1 bolus/50 kg bwt daily once for 3 consecutive days.

Calf: 1 bolus / 50 kg body weight daily once for 3 consecutive days.

Dogs / cats: 1 bolus / 18 kg body weight (2.75 mg / kg body weight) for 3 consecutive days.

Withdrawal Periods: Meat: 6 Days & Milk: 36 hrs

Pregnancy: safe

Supply: 5x4