Tolfenamic Acid BP 200mg

Business Unit: Human

Medicine Type: Tablet

Generic Name: Tolfenamic Acid BP 200mg

Therapeutic Class: Non-steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs), Other drugs for migraine

Indication: Tolfenamic acid is used specifically for relieving the pain of migraine headache and also recommended for use as an analgesic in post-operative pain and fever.

Dosage & Administration: Adult: Acute migraine attacks: 200 mg when symptoms appear may be repeated once after 1-2 hour. Mild to moderate pain: 100-200 mg tid Renal impairment: Dose adjustments may be needed. Severe renal impairment: Avoid. Children: A pediatric dosage regimen has not yet been established. Tolfenamic acid should be taken with food. Take water during or immediately after meals.

Preparation: 10 x 5 Tablets