Nitroxynil BP 34.00 gm / 100 ml

Business Unit: Animal Health, Dairy

Medicine Type: Injectable

Generic Name: Nitroxynil BP 34.00 gm / 100 ml

Indication: "Cattle,Buffalo, Goat, Sheep: Mature and immature liver fluk, blood sucking round worm, lung and digestive system. Precaution: Do not use in lactating cow."

Dosage & Administration: "Cattle- 1.5 ml/ 50 kg or 10 mg/ kg body weight through SC Dog and cat- 0.5 ml/ 15 kg through SC or 0.5 ml mixed with food. Poultry-1 ml mixed with 9 ml distilled water and through SC 0.5 ml/ kg or 1 ml mixed with 5 liter water "

Preparation: "10ml, 50 ml"