Povidone Iodine USP 10% Antiseptic Solution.

Business Unit: Animal Health, Poultry

Medicine Type: Liquid

Generic Name: Povidone Iodine USP 10% Antiseptic Solution.

Indication: Instruction for Use of Poultry,Dairy, Fish : Polydin (Vet) works against Gram-negative Acid Fast Bacteria, Protozoa,Various Germ spore, Viruses & Mycoplasmas. Poultry:Polydin (Vet) are comonly used to disinfect poultry cans,watercontainers,Poultrycages,slaughterhouse,Incubator,Footbath etc. in the poultry industry. Dairy: Effective in spreading diseases such as Foot & Mouth Disease, Leg Wounds etc. Aqua: Disinfection of fish eggs in hatcheries Polidin (Vet) is effective.

Dosage & Administration: Habitat of animals & birds: 5ml/liter of Water for 3 days. Food & Water Containers: 5ml/liter of Water. For Litter Spray :5ml/liter of Water. For Footbath:5ml/liter of Water. Any Small Machinery :10ml/liter of Water(Soak for 10 minutes). All Sprays : 4ml/liter of Water. Fooder Area: 5ml/liter of Water(Only 1 days in a week). Disinfect all fish eggs:2.5ml/liter of Water(Soak for 10 minutes. For FMD &Hampshire Disease:3 times a day in the affected area with 5 ml/50 liter of water.

Preparation: 100ml