Toltrazuril INN-25 mg/ ml

Business Unit: Animal Health, Dairy

Medicine Type: Powder

Generic Name: Toltrazuril INN-25 mg/ ml

Indication: Broiler, Layer and Chick : Protocare (vet) is very effective for all type of emeria protozoa such as E.tanella. E. necatris. E.acervulinna, E.maxima, E.brunette. E.mitis, which is responsible for coccidiosis of poultry.

Dosage & Administration: Treatment :The daily dose of 7 mg per kg body weight should be used for 2 consecutive days or for 28 mg per 100 kg body weight mixed with drinking water for 2 consecutive days or for 8 hours. In case of sever infection, treatment is given again after 5 days.

Preparation: 100ml