Toltrazuril INN-25 mg/ ml

Composition:Toltrazuril INN-25 mg/ ml


Broiler, Layer and Chick: Protocare (vet) is very effective for all type of Eimeria protozoa such as E. tanella. E. necatris. E. acervulinna, E. maxima, E. brunette. E. mitis, which is responsible for coccidiosis of poultry.

Mode Of Action: Toltrazuril inhibits the activity of protozoal nuclei and mitochondria. It renders useless all the intracellular stages of Eimeria species and acts as coccidiocidal.

Dosage & administration:

Treatment: The daily dose is 7 mg per kg body weight should be used for 2 consecutive days or

28 ml per 100 kg body weight mixed with drinking water for 2 consecutive days or repeat the dose for 8 hours. In case of severe infection, treatment is given again after 5 days.

Prevention: Up to 4 months of age in poultry- every month 7 mg/ kg should be given in 2 days between 10-16 days.

Withdrawal Periods : Meat- 14 days.

Precaution: Keep in a cool & dry place. Keep out of reach of Children.

Side Effects: Overuse can lead to decreased egg production, physical growth, poly neuritis etc.

Preservation: Store at room temperature. Keep away from sunlight.

Pack Size: 100 ml.