Sobinate Injection (Vet)

Sobinate Injection (Vet)

Composition: Sodium Bi Carbonate BP 75 mg/ml.

Description: Metabolic acidosis, Acute carbohydrate engorgement, Severe primary lactic acidosis, Barbiturates toxicity, Severe diarrhea which is often accompanied by a significant loss of bicarbonate in body.


1) Metabolic acidosis. 2) Acute carbohydrate engagement. 3) Severe primary lactic acidosis. 4) Toxicity of barbiturates. 5) Severe diarrhea which is often caused by significant loss of bicarbonate in the body.

Dosage & Administration: 1.6-4.48 ml/kg body weight or 100 ml/22-58 kg body weight should be applied intravenously. Or, as directed by a registered veterinarian.

Side-effects: Occasionally there may be an overdose of alkalosis.

Contraindications: Sodium bicarbonate is contraindicated in animals which loses chloride ions from the body by vomiting and taking diuretics.

Withdrawal period: Meat and milk: Not known. Use in pregnant and lactating animals: The use of sodium bicarbonate during pregnancy and lactation is not yet known. 

Precaution: should not be used with calcium-containing solutions.

Storage: Store in a temperature of 30° C away from light and moisture. Keep out of reach of children.

Supply: 100 ml. Vial and 250 ml. Vial.