Zeenee Bolus (Vet)

Zeenee Bolus (Vet)

Composition: Each bolus contains Zinc Sulphate BP 200 mg.

Mode Of Action: 

Zinc improves water and electrolyte absorption and improves the regeneration of intestinal fluid, enhances brush border enzyme levels, enhances immunity and aids in cleansing germs.

Indications: Zeene Bolus is used to prevent parakeratosis or thickening of the skin, alopecia or hair loss, impaired physical growth, thickening or folding of the skin of the testicular sac, delay in wound healing and growth of foot.

Dosages & Administration:

Cows, buffaloes, horses, goats, sheep and poultry: For every 40-100 kg weight 1 bolus should be fed once daily for 5 consecutive days.

Withdrawal period: Milk and meat: 0.

Pregnancy: Safe.

Supply: 4 x 5 Bolus.